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The main mission of Cloudyspace is to provide for customers full data analysis strategies. Then, Cloudyspace starts by collecting all demanded forms of data from various resources, prepare their data for analyze, then to explore and analyze this information.

Cloudyspace must then create business models, create dashboards and help to take decision with this data, relying on owned tools and programming languages in order to deploy these products in applications.

Sure, Cloudyspace’s data specialists do not work alone, they rely on other skills such as business, designers, marketers and computer science. Cloudyspace then encourages working in a team, with a business analyst whose role is to define the problem to be solved, a data engineer in charge of collecting and preparing the data to make them available, a data designer who can make smart and useful dashboards and numeric reports as well as an application developer, who will then deploy the models or the results of the data analysis in applications or products.

Cloudyspace’s services are based on the data analysis and exploitation process on which an iterative set of phases typically goes something like this:

  1. Planning: the definition of the project and the potential expected results ;
  2. Preparation: preparing the working environment for data team, their working tools, their access to relevant data and other resources;
  3. Interference: collecting and loading appropriate data into the work environment;
  4. Exploration: the analysis, exploration and visualization of data;
  5. Modeling and execution: the design, training and validation of the models defined;
  6. Deployment: deployment of models and reports in the production phase;

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